Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas – Courses

1. Offshore oil and gas engineering
Concept definition for offshore developments
Design and operation of subsea pipelines and subsea systems
International standards for casing and tubing design, offshore and onshore
Offshore developments: environmental considerations in design documentation and review
Offshore drilling and workover
Offshore facilities design. Substructures and topsides
Offshore oil and gas facilities
Offshore seismic data processing and analysis
Offshore well planning and design
Simulation and forecast of metocean parameters
Subsea production systems
2. Geology and petrophysics
Advanced geological modeling
Advanced well log interpretation
Advanced well test design and analysis (gas)
Advanced well test design and analysis (oil)
Applied well test design and analysis (gas)
Applied well test design and analysis (oil)
Basic geological modeling
Basic well log interpretation
Chemical testing and analysis
Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS)
Petrophysics (incl. field trip)
Production logging and well monitoring
Reef complexes
Reservoir fluid sampling and PVT analysis
Sedimentary basin modeling
Special core analysis
3. Reservoir engineering
Advanced reservoir simulation: design, application and assessment
Advanced waterflooding
Basic reservoir simulation: design, application and assessment
Design documentation and cost prediction for onshore projects
Development oil fields with massive gas caps
Effective Reservoir Management
FDP: global overview
Formation Damage and Productivity Enhancement in Oil & Gas Reservoirs
Formation damage during waterflood, PWRI and EOR
Geomechanical modeling
Heavy oil waterflooding
Integrated Field Development Analysis, Optimisation and Forecasting
Multidisciplinary approach to reservoir simulation
Oil and gas production for non-specialists
Petrophysics: theory and experimental approach. Effective medium theory application
Practical waterflooding
Reservoir simulation: design, application and assessment (expert level)
Reservoir simulation: practical considerations
Smart wells
Waterflood in carbonate reservoirs
4. Production technology
Artificial Lift Systems
Completion and workover supervising, onshore and offshore
Completion design, onshore and offshore
Exploration and production of shale oil and gas
Flow assurance in heavy oil production
Horizontal and multilaterall wells. Well completion. Smart wells
Horizontal wells: applicability, construction, completion, productivity & flow rate
Modern oil production technology. Oil and gas facilities fundamentals
Operation of ESP-equipped wells (Simulation-enhanced training).
Physical and chemical analysis of rocks and fluids
Sand control
Shale gas production. Drilling and completion
Unconventional hydrocarbons
5. Enhanced recovery
Chemical enhanced oil recovery
Enhanced oil recovery: geological and technological aspects
Hydraulic fracturing design and control
Hydraulic fracturing quality assurance
Multistage hydraulic fracturing
Production cost optimization. Well intervention quality assessment. Developing decision tree for well intervention
Reservoir stimulation: hydraulic fracturing and acidizing
The improvement of gas condensate recovery: theory, design, field cases
6. Oil processing and transport
Advanced Oil and Gas Treatment
Corrosion monitoring and equipment control
Crude oil processing. Modern technologies, transport and marketing
Design, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines. Low temperatures and pressure changes
Flow assurance
Oil and petroleum products market . Marketing and transport
Oil processing technology overview
Oil processing. Strategies, technologies, innovations
Pipeline corrosion protection
7. HSE
Design of oil and gas facilities. HSE aspects
Environment protection in oil and gas industry
Lean production in oil and gas industry
Offshore oil spill response
Risk management. Environment protection and industrial safety
8. Technical training
Advanced Automation Control System: Operation and Maintenance
Advanced Maintenance Management
Metrology standards and precision equipment calibration
9. Drilling
Basic drilling for non-professionals
Coiled tubing in drilling and workover
Deviated well construction
Directional drilling
Drilling and workover supervision
Drilling Fluid Engineering
Drilling supervising
Drilling supervising, onshore and offshore
Drilling with casing
Drilling, completions and well testing
Extended reach drilling
Horizontal directional drilling
New drilling technologies
Production management
Risk management in well construction
Telemetry systems in well operations
Underbalanced drilling, tools and technology
Well profile design
Workover operations
10. Leadership. Personal growth
Business assessment and decision making
Business sustainability
Contracting in oil and gas industry
Excel practical training for oil and gas professionals
Global energy industry overview
Marketing analysis in oil and gas industry
Oil trading
Outlook practical training for time management
Practical workshop: Advanced sales management
Practical workshop: Advanced strategic analysis
Production management. Personnel management
Project management and economy in oil and gas industy
Training workshop: Management 2.0: Theory & practice.
Training workshop: Project management in petroleum industy
Training workshop: Strategic management in oil and gas business. Theory & practice.